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New Skills in Sheet Metal Industry

Every Day at All Valley Metals, I continue to grow and develop my skills within the sheet metal trade. I am thankful that the Get Youth Working! Program helped to initiate this opportunity.

- Tobias Kroiss, Sheet Metal Worker/Youth Participant

505 Junk

With the help of the Get Youth Working! Program, All Valley Metals hired Tobias Kroiss. The company has been successful in facilitating a productive work environment for Tobias. He has been integrated into his position at AVM with a primary focus of acquiring the skill-set required of a career within the sheet metal industry.

Tobias has been part of AVM’s shop team and has gained an understanding of proper protocol, safety and work standards, in addition to working with sheet metal. He has been assigned projects that are in the manufacturing and fabrication sector of the company. Since starting he has acquired the skills to fabricate, assemble, weld, solder and install a variety of sheet metal products to specification. He has learned to use a variety of tools and equipment using proper protocol and handling.

Tobias has worked on numerous commercial and residential assignments with a primary focus on HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) sheet metal. This has developed his manual dexterity and attention to detail making him a proficient and valuable worker. In addition, he has learned industry related safety precautions and proper protocol related to sheet metal.

Tobias has gained the skill-set to make him a valuable member of All Valley Metals. He has proven to be a hard worker and looks forward to continuing his education and development at All Valley Metals Ltd.

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