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Living the Dream of Working as a Museum Curator

I knew that it would be a bit of a challenge to find work in my chosen field. Through Get Youth Working, I’ve found a job that I really love and I’m getting hands-on experience in so many different areas. It’s really reinforced for me the fact that I want to keep working at a museum and doing this every day.

- Julianna Weisgarber, Museum Curator and Youth Participant

Julianna Weisgarber, who had a degree in anthropology dreamed of a career in a museum. She began volunteering at The Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum in Prince George. When the Museum’s Executive Director found out about the Get Youth Working! Program, she realized that hiring Julianna could become a reality.

The museum applied for the Get Youth Working! Program’s Hiring Incentive, received approval, and was able to hire Julianna. In addition, through the Program’s Supplementary training funds, Julianna was able to take a course in Curatorship. This training gave her the skills to work as an effective curator of the museum exhibits, lead appropriate tours, and provide information about heritage resources.

For the past year, Julianna has been working as curator for the Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum. She is getting experience in several areas, including setting up exhibits, researching and cataloguing items, working with donors, co-ordinating volunteers, and leading tours. She recently helped to restore a wooden snow plough from 1903.

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